Friday, September 16, 2005

Go Awesome Cobras!

had drinks with molly last night and we cruised by moscone to check out the awesome cobra game. i was totally going to write about the team and how fabulous they are but unfortunately they lost... to the last place team. but from what i hear they totally killed the first place team a week ago so maybe they were just having a bad night? incase you don't know - the awesome cobras is a softball team and zinga is the coach. they play every thursday. i asked jeff how chris is as a coach to which he replied "when zinga says jump... we say how high." anywho its no longer the best blogging material but here's a picture anyway.


totally looking forward to this saturday at R Bar. GO DUCKS! its the first saturday game on TV and there should be a huge crowd! oh - and can't wait to find out if bob eloped last weekend! anywho - hope everyone has a great weekend...


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