Monday, August 22, 2005

Rocky Mountain High

got back from denver yesterday for annie and josh’s wedding. they are so rad and the wedding was beautiful! whole weekend was such a good time and when i get some pics will post them. annie picked ellie and me up on friday in a ’68 (?) convertible mercedes. here we are rolling in style through downtown denver.


i flew on frontier which is so not as sketchy as people think. in fact its sorta my new fave due to the fabulous surprise on board called direct tv! i watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on the way home which was the perfect airplane movie (due to being highly entertaining and not something i’d normally netflix). oh and i love that guy from the office and he’s in it too. (and since clicking around on IMDB i just found out that Gareth is going to be in Pirates of the Caribbean 3… i didn’t even know there was a number 2.)


anywho - the only other thing i need to tell everyone is this: the whole foods burrito bar is NOT good times.

i stopped off at whole foods last night to get a burrito and to give a closer examination of the new hot foods area. you know when you’ve got a very specific craving and El Super Burrito is totally not going to cut it… that was how dedicated i was to a whole foods burrito. SO… i get there and seriously walk around for a good 10 mins looking for the burrito area which used to be right by the rotisserie chicken area with a little sign that explained all the burrito options.

i’m getting lost and more and more confused and then i spot it - what is that guacamole doing on that portion of the salad bar? why is there sour cream right next to it? what... is that mango salsa? and grilled corn salsa? are they seriously expecting me to make my OWN burrito right now?

so i wander over to the refrigerated pre-made food section thinking i’m going to have to deal with a cold burrito and just microwave it. i pick one up and wander around with it for a little bit and as i take one last go-around past the burrito bar and see the huge container of chopped cilantro saying “you know that pre-made burrito has none of me… you can’t ask for extra cilantro when its pre-made,” i decide to tackle it.

there are tin foil and tortillas and a little sign explaining “How to Roll a Burrito”. i read the sign twice and get two pieces of foil just to be safe and start cruising down the line with almost zero countertop being SO careful about not putting too much on because oh yes - this thing will be weighed. put a little refried beans and brown rice and then realize my plan to take it over to the other salad bar for baked tofu is totally not going to work due to the two pieces of foil and the fact that the tortilla is unbelievable huge so i settle for meat (they have lots of choices) and then cheese and then i freak out and roll it up before it all spills. i get another small container to put the cold items in figuring i’ll just deal with it at home so i fill it up again being so careful to make it light.

ummm… my burrito was $10.78. i took muni home as a punishment for buying an eleven dollar burrito. anywho now you know… whole foods burritos - not good times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your WF burrito. They have such rad food there, but I think they're a total rip off. God, that sucks that they weigh it like that! RMW Justin was all hammered after the Super Bowl and wanted to go to WF and bought the most RANDOM stuff? We both tried dried mango strips that night. Needless to say, it was nasty. Guess you can't always win...

11:32 AM  

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