Friday, August 12, 2005

no time for blogging

have had a crazy past couple days busy working which has left no time for emailing or blogging or surfing missed connections... and now its almost the end of the day on friday - hurrah!

so before i sign off for this weekends adventures, i want to tell all of you to go see Me and You and Everyone We Know. i saw it this week and absolutely LOVED it. i don't think i've ever left a movie theater feeling so... alive i guess? my brain felt so energized and in love with what i had just seen but super frustrated at the same time because my logical self couldn't figure out why the hell i felt that way.

so go see it and then we can talk about it... in fact... let me know when you're going and maybe i'll tag along for round two.

oh and on my way home from the movie i took a picture of this because it made me laugh:

can't you just see Pete placing the order for this sign?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I read your blog. I feel so behind...but not really, since the only entry I've missed since the ki is this one. You're rad. I'll see you tomorrow, heating pad in tow!


11:54 AM  

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