Monday, August 01, 2005

Dr. Jang is not endorsed by 1-800-DENTIST

remember when i was totally bitching about my weekend and then it ended up being super fun? love when that happens.

was at aileen & christian's on friday night and holly starts telling us about how she and mike have an appointment at Dr. Jang & Associates on sunday. ummm... how rad is that? so one thing leads to another and we start wondering how he ranks with 1-800-DENTIST and the next thing i know holly's on the phone...

"1-800-DENTIST, what is your dental emergency?"

"i don't have a dental emergency but i have a question... do you endorse Dr. Jang and Associates?"

"whats the zip code?"

"umm... i'm not sure. in san francisco... Dr. Jang..."

CLICK. 1-800-DENTIST hung up on her.

well now we have to find out. so christian gets us the phone book and we look him up. again, this time armed with the zip code, holly calls back. after a listing of all approved dentists in 94122 now we know... 1-800-DENTIST does not endorse Dr. Jang & Associates.

Si Habla EspaƱol


saturday night went to sushi with aileen, holly & zinga at Nara on polk street which if you have not gone... i highly recommend due to a number of reasons: (a) convenient location (e.g. proximity to R Bar), (b) stays open late (midnight on weekdays & 2 a.m. on weekends), (c) Sunee (no, not "sonny") always cruises by your table with a bottle of sake on the house and (d) its totally cheap and good.

chris' one-liners were killing us (to the waitress: "who is this mr. roboto i keep hearing about?") so we sat there for a couple hours and then ventured down to the new o'reilly's on polk between pine & bush. check it out - its randomly super fancy inside so you're a little confused at first but the crowd was pretty chill, they had live music and we scored a nice table. all in all... good times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This might be my favorite entry ever. What makes it so rad is the picture of the TV commercial...LOVING it! You're so rad.


12:46 PM  
Anonymous aileen said...

I love your blog jen! your rant on rachel ray so hit the nail on the head, and Im glad you didn't include the picture of me drooling over neil young singing "helpless" that is on your phone from friday night. What a fun weekend-Im glad you weren't "productive" too.

5:34 PM  

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