Monday, August 08, 2005

Bob Tobias is Engaged

had a crazy past couple days. went to tegan & sara on thursday night at the great american music hall and the show was super fabulous.

took a couple pics and now i’m bummed because my camera phone totally doesn’t take as rad of pictures as jacquie’s (check her blog for some close ups)...

this is from the way back by the bathrooms

dan the rager

anywho, the show was awesome - if you like tegan & sara you’ll love them after seeing them live.


got up bright and early on friday to head up to sonoma for karly’s wedding. the best part of this crazy year is getting to see friends that live far away super often... like maggie. here is a picture of her taken at holly’s apartment before we hit the road:

wedding was beautiful and the weekend was a lot of fun... minus almost getting killed 4 times by a really, really bad driver. not rad. anywho karly was radiant and you could tell how happy both she and scott were which was lovely. i’ll post some pics later when i get some.


woke up on sunday to another hot & sunny day in sonoma and drove back to the cold & fog. it is seriously like winter in the city right now. you know its bad when you catch yourself humming christmas carols around the office. no joke! anywho i got back to the city to discover my mailbox is totally stuck shut. i can put the key in but i can’t turn it. maybe its just jammed too full of stuff? its not like i really care that much except i was totally set on watching episodes 6 & 7 of the second season of six feet under on netflix. i found myself wishing i could call ron lee to come fix it.


so that was the weekend. in other news... my number was not called for jury duty (but i have to call again tonight - fingers crossed) and that psycho is still trying to sell that gnarly chair.

oh, and do you guys think jordan kent is using football to rebel against his father’s extramarital lifestyle?


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