Monday, July 11, 2005

Widespread Panic

so the weekend that got off to a not so fabulous start got better and better and yesterday i went to wsp at the greek in berkeley and ummm... it was rad! lots of my friends like to rip on them (nadeau: "its like fingernails on a chalkboard with guitars") which i'm pretty sure they do just to annoy me because what's there not to like?

the day got off to a perfect start when bob opened the r bar a half hour early so paul and i could begin our margarita and bud light consumption promptly at 12:30 (r bar opening early? always a sign your day is going to be a good one). we got to the greek a little after 3:00, scored a nice spot in the lawn and soaked it all in. the sun was hot, the beer was cold, the grass was clean and the band sounded great. maybe i'm a sucker for all the patchouli and B.O. but at one point i turned to paul and said "i can't imagine being any happier right now!" so rad.

if you are interested in rocking out to widespread (which i like to do sometimes while faking i'm not a slave to the corporate structure) you can listen to streaming shows here.


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