Wednesday, July 27, 2005

waaa waaa waaaaa

so i've been cruising this morning searching for my purpose in life and thus far i haven't figured it out... typical. i guess i'm just a little stressed out gearing up for august which is going to be another crazy month filled with weddings, bachelorettes & bridal showers... all of which are lovely in small doses but in big doses make me want to give away all my possessions and move to a 3rd world country where i'll develop the inevitable terminal illness and die a lonely death.

i'm kidding... sorta.

this little bad mood i've gotten myself into has me wanting to list and discuss all the things driving me insane lately but since (a) i don't have all day and (b) i just got an email from my old roommate and partner in crime ellie asking me to please update my blog... i've decided to share my latest pics from my camera phone so she (and whoever else) can see what i've been up to.

these are all the wonka bars i brought as party favors to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory last tuesday. to answer your questions... yes, there were 5 golden tickets hidden inside (movie passes) and yes, some kid selling his hip-hop remixes of the oompa loompa songs on CD for $1 won a golden ticket (other winners were kelly, molly, graham & christian) and yes, the movie was fabulous. not cult classic material like the first one... but very entertaining and well done.

here i am with paul at the giants game last friday night. to answer your questions... yes, the giants won 8-5 (had to look that up on the internet though) and yes, many beverages were consumed.

here's becca & whit at the R Bar before we went to molly's shower this weekend. oh, and i have another picture from the shower that karly took...

the shower was at julie's and there was a good group there. got to kick it with aileen after the shower too which was lovely because i hadn't spent time with her in ages.

anywho thats it. oh - except for one random tidbit i thought of while i was typing all this... guess who was at the R Bar last thursday? he was just there for a little bit... and if you want the details talk to becca because they talked at great length about croatia as a vacation destination...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to your new blog entries like I look forward to new gossip on MSN. Thanks Jen!

12:47 PM  
Blogger jacquie said...

becca's wearing my dress in that picture and it's really cute.

1:24 AM  

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