Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rachael Ray how do I hate you? Let me count the ways...

cara and I are obsessed with hating rachael ray.

if you don't know who r. ray is, she's a food network celeb with like a zillion shows and the most awful personality of all time. she's sort of like an annoying kid from high school who had no social skills and was always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time who randomly got uber successful and you hate him/her for (a) being a success and (b) thinking just since he/she's getting paid for acting like an idiot that somehow makes it OK.

here’s the bottom line: if rachael ray was a guest in your house - you’d ask her to leave. she’s seriously just that awful.

yet we can’t stop watching her - why? yeah, yeah she has a couple good recipes & tips here and there but who doesn’t? think about it: molly makes the best enchiladas & seven layer dip of all time, karly has the sneakiest recipe for the most fabulous wine cake ever, jacquie makes the meanest lasagna, whitney has the secret to the perfect pot of rice and puts together the most beautiful platters, kelly makes the yummiest oven baked fajitas, graham makes the best homemade champagne mustard, annie invented the loveliest green bean salad… the list goes on and on and these are things we don’t think to give ourselves credit for but are all just as (if not more so) spectacular than anything r. ray is producing on her show.

that being said - i think people give rachael ray too much credit. its like you become mesmerized as she waves her arms and bombards you with her ridiculous sayings and out of control giggle then the next thing you know you’ve been tricked into thinking she’s legit.

why do we keep watching her? maybe cara and I do so we can keep validating the reasons we can’t stand her. oh that loser from high school? guess what she did now! fine. deep down i’m jealous because rachael ray totally blows and has a million shows on food network and i want to believe she made a deal with the devil and traded in any shred of resemblance to a normal human just to be that successful.

so rachael ray is unbearable and her shows are out of control but i leave you with some good news. there is a whole community of haters out there and not only is the forum where they post hysterical but whew… its good to know we’re not alone.


Blogger jacquie said...

Dude, she's like Britney. We fucking hate her guts, yet are consumed with every move she makes. Sucks, doesn't it?

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So...I tried to join the anti-rachael ray community that was referenced in the article. Unfortunately, my request was denied. They don't want me! Too bad for them. They'll miss out on all my r ray stories. ie. The time I got her knife for Christmas, went to chop a tomato all rad like she does, and sliced a chunk of my finger off, then ended up in the ER. r ray wanna-be's beware! That knife she uses is really sharp and GNARLY. By the way, I hate r ray.


10:20 AM  

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