Friday, July 29, 2005

Being Productive

everyone is out of town this weekend. well... not everyone, but all of my single friends and everyone i know that likes to waste their weekend days away with cocktails and endless conversation and a million laughs and a great soundtrack. and i wouldn't be feeling so sorry for myself if they weren't all somewhere else doing the exact same thing without me (i couldn't go... corporate america duties) or if i knew i'd get my fix next weekend or the weekend after or hell i'd even settle for the weekend after that... but unfortunately august is shot.

so... everyone is out of town and what does that mean?

i should be productive.

"omg its a great weekend to just be productive!" "take advantage of all the time you have to get stuff done!" "can't wait to just have a mellow weekend and be productive!" "i really need this weekend to be productive before everything gets crazy again!"

only problem is... i don't want to be productive.

i don't want to clean my house. i don't want to unpack my last 2 boxes. i don't want to do anything responsible. i just want to go to the R Bar and put songs in the jukebox and sip on my bottomless margarita and laugh my ass off with my crazy friends.


is it monday yet?


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